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From: Dr Suzanne Gudakunst
Wednesday, 10:05 a.m.
Scottsdale, AZ

Obviously you are someone very interested in making a great living, and possibly even a fortune, all from the Internet, right? And this is a very wise ambition considering how many people have done exactly that! I know because I am one of them!

As a doctor I made what most people consider "good money" - about $125,000 a year.

But it wasn't until I got on the Internet that I made a huge fortune!

I've done all this (made my fortune, I mean) just through offering health-related products on the Internet rather than through my own doctor's practice!

I studied years and years to become a doctor - yet that only made me at the most about $125,000 a year. But I didn't start making "life-changing" money until I started selling the very best health-related products online.

And now I figure with my success as a guide, it's YOUR TURN! ... I'm actually out to set you up in a very PROFITABLE "health-related" web business of your very own!!

Check out the screenshot below of a highly successful, cash generating website . . . which I am making available to a strictly limited number of people who take action today.

*In just a few moments I'll give you a link to see it "LIVE!"

Pretty cool, huh!

And this site has a whole lot of "fancy gadgets" and automatic marketing devices on it designed to make you money automatically, over and over again, whether you are working or relaxing, or just goofing off - and it does 99% of all the work for you!

I've had my Team of Internet Marketing Experts along with the very Best Team of Internet Technologists deliberately design YOUR WEBSITE to where it can generate viral-traffic automatically starting with next to no traffic at all!

And on top of that, I've added an exciting extra "Electronic Sales Manager" that works round-the-clock, and for not just days or weeks, but for months and months directing tons and tons of visitors back to your website to automatically close "upsells" for you!

And this device doesn't just drive visitors back to your site, but rather BACK to specific locations and even specific anchor locations at your site so that you leverage a FULL 90+ additional income streams for months off of any given day's visitors! (YIKES! Do you realize just how powerful a device this truly is? - and again, it goes to work for YOU automatically!)

This "Health Website" I'm going to give you now has well over 90 separate proven income streams so you'll have 90 times the opportunity to make even more money than ever before!

But why "health-related" products above anything else?

Simple: According to Forrester Research and other esteemed experts, health-related products (including but not limited to vitamins, nutrients, supplements, topical applications, fitness & health equipment, health drinks & formulas, health services, ebooks, etc.) are searched for more than any other type of item online.

In fact, statistically speaking, of the estimated 300 million people online daily searching the Web, about 70% of all searches are "health-related."

It therefore makes great sense to be in an online business where health-related items and products are your main focus.

And I've personally sat down with a professional web design team, and have carefully and jointly created a complete "health business in a box" for you so that you can immediately jump right in and be in business LESS THAN 7 MINUTES from now!

I've even contracted the very BEST Internet Marketers from around the World, and used their collective talents to make this "Health Web-Business" the MOST POWERFUL health business it could possibly be.

In fact, I've spared no expense when it came to creating this same health Internet business for you - and all so that you could get the most "bang" out of it! (And starting just minutes from right here and now!)

You'll see below just what I mean when you go over every single thing this amazing "health business" contains (and remember: you'll own it!)

And remember while looking everything over below, keep in mind how many others out there online have anything close to your amazing new health website!

I'm absolutely certain you'll come up EMPTY when looking for a better, more sharply designed site as the one you're about to see immediately BELOW!

"...For starters, your Health Website comes with a 'live'
spokesmodel that actually walks out onto your visitors'
screens and greets them, and persuades them to both
complete the form to see the Shocking Videos as well as to
bookmark the site! - Our tests show that she increases sales
conversions up to nearly 400%!

Her name is "Rachel", and her powerful message both adds credibility to your site's look and feel, and also forces nearly 4 times as many people to take at least some type of buyer's or subscriber's actions!

We carefully tested your site before making it available to you, both with and without Rachel - and we found that just having Rachel present in her walk-out video was enough to really enhance your site's performance!

Rachel with and without controls shown

If you were to pay for this single feature to be added to your website, it could run you above $3,000 (i.e., model fees, studio leasing fees, post-production services, etc!)

But Rachel comes free when you secure your very own Health Web-Business!

"...Your Health Products Website also contains a very
powerful 'Viral-Marketing' device called a Tell-a-Friend Form
that allows you to get unlimited FREE traffic!"

Perhaps you recall the old "trick question" that asked ...

"If I agreed to pay you 1¢ on your first day of work, and each day thereafter I doubled each previous day's pay, would you work for me for one 31-day month?"

Most people say 'no' because they don't realize that if you did double each previous day's wage, that even starting with just a single penny it quickly adds up to over $21 million at the end of just one 31-day month! (And that's over
2 BILLION pennies!)

Now, instead of pennies, just imagine that instead you start with just a single visitor to your new health site - and then that visit "doubles" your visitors because he or she invites just 2 people - and who do the same.

Carrying out like the "penny example" above, you'd (in theory at least) get over 2 BILLION visitors inside of just
1-month! - And think of how much you'd have had to spend on advertising to get that level of traffic!

Now you're beginning to see the true POWER of what's known as "viral marketing!"

And your site comes complete with a tell-a-friend option on each and every single page!

This means that if one visitor finds one page inside your health e-biz he or she likes more than others, and they think their friends might like to see it too, then by clicking on that page's tell-a-friend option, their friends get an email (as if directly from them!) directing them specifically to THAT page!

Now that's quite a powerful "gadget!" (See just below!)

Ask yourself how many other health e-biz's are out there that can do this function for each and every specific webpage within their online shopping mall - we haven't seen any (but YOUR new health site has this now!)

"Every single webpage within your health site contains a
'specific bookmarking' feature! - and thereby increasing
your sales by as much as 300% or even MORE!"

"Bookmarking" has been around since the beginning of the Web.

But very few websites have a "specific webpage bookmarking feature" contained in and on every single webpage.

But your new Health Business site DOES!

This powerful exciting extra has been proven to INCREASE your sales by as much as 300% or more, and simply because your visitors can easily and instantly bookmark any single page or more they find of particular interests or relevancy to their search!

Your Health Site contains a specific bookmarker for each and every page of your site!

"...Includes complete "Electronic Sales Manager" to close
sales for you AUTOMATICALLY, as well as a complete "built-in
viral marketing device" producing endless FREE Traffic for
you! - Plus several income streams so you can cash-in
BIGTIME from the Web!"

Do you even know what an "Electronic Sales Manager" is?

While some people think it's just an autoresponder, it's actually much, much more!

Here's what YOUR brand new Automatic Electronic Sales Manager will do for YOUR Health Website:

  1. It automatically captures site visitors for you through multiple channels - NOT just through a single lead-capturing system, but through several very clever and extremely powerful devices!
  2. It then forever connects these visitors to you, your links, and your affiliate IDs for the several health-related product lines that are proven the most popular sellers on the entire Web! This way you get credit for sales even if they happen TODAY or many years from now!
  3. Then it automatically embroiders (unlike a primitive "cookie" system) your seller's information through our own unique and very powerful Database Drive System (DDS) so that there's NEVER any risk of your visitors buying through anyone but YOU! (This ensures your profits whether your visitors buy the day they first visit your site, or at any time in the future - even many, many years from now!)
  4. It then automatically and electronically schedules for you (with NO effort or attention from you ever!) multiple and sequential emailed-messages tailored to your visitors' specific health-related needs - and offering them carefully-selected health products they absolutely need, demand and must have! - And they of course are forced to buy through YOU!
  5. This process continues through all 90+ additional income streams and through an equal number of health-related products! - Thereby MAXIMIZING your profits indefinitely!!
  6. You continue to make lots of money in this way for many, many years to come (even off of any given day's visitors well into the past!)

Now that's quite a "punch" my Electronic Sales Manager is capable of giving your visitors - and for YOUR SUCCESS - both immediately and long-term!!

Time-Sensitive Announcement...

STOP: Before you spend one more second thinking about how you're going to make money on the Internet, you need to *crack open your daytimer* and stop time right here & now and hear this...

... Because now MY TEAM will build this site for you to make you money - even while you sleep!!

To claim your complete Health Biz In a Box Internet business - worth over $1,497 but yours for next to NOTHING, see below for the complete details...

And here are the amazing Products your site will be selling automatically for you...

Your brand spanking new health Internet business has everything you want and need in a Complete Web-Business:

It has a "Main Product" (my very own brand new ebook "TOP Secret Fat Loss Secret!")

People LOVE ebooks, especially if the information in them is hard to find anyplace else - and what's inside my "Top Secret Fat Loss Secret" is information and instructions that can't be found anywhere else!

So popular this ebook has become recently that this very same ebook is ROCKING at ClickBank™ (the most trusted name in online ebooks!) right now this very minute, and as evidenced by this recent screenshot from ClickBank's very own Marketplace Online Catalog:

But my Product is just the beginning!

Your brand new "Health Web-Business" sells the very BEST disease fighting products:

Notice directly next to this exciting offer is a "Free Newsletter" sign-up form for "152 Easy & Fast Secrets to Getting Healthier Now!" This is just one facet of the Automatic Electronic Sales Manager at work for you!

People simply can't resist the opportunity to get 152 issues by email tips, secrets, tricks and more - all helping them get healthier. (And it's inside these same issues that the electronic sales manager persuades your visitors now turned subscribers into paying customer again and again upselling them repeatedly!)

Plus, your health website gives visitors greater choices:

Notice immediately above how EACH individual webpage (out of many!) contains BOTH a "Tell-a-Friend" feature as well as a "Bookmarking" feature!

With 99.99% of most sites, these tools merely send people back to the main site, or just bookmark the entire site.

But NOT with your brand new health e-biz! Instead, each page is carefully programmed for you by our Technical Team so that when your visitors want to share a specific webpage contained within your site, their friends will receive an email directing to the EXACT webpage they wanted them to see!

This is true of the bookmarker device as well - so that when your visitors want to bookmark a specific location within your site, it will do just that (and not just a general bookmark like the rest!)

Also notice that your health e-biz now has a number of free videos embroidered at several locations in it! These videos (although somewhat graphic) were tested by us and shown to produce up to 335% MORE SALES conversions!

People find these videos shocking and a powerful reminder to take their health very seriously - and therefore they buy far more quantities of items from you, as well as return to your site as a vital source of products for both continued and future purchases (and from YOU!)

And even more webpages containing powerful disease-fighting products...

Notice in the screenshot above 1. more variety of products, 2. The use of more free videos, and 3. Your sales manager at work elsewhere throughout your brand new health website!

EACH PAGE of your health-biz website is deliberately designed to elicit sales! And not only that, but get subscribers into YOUR Database!

With all these super-powerful technologies going to work for you, I'm sure you can see how you can make lots and lots of never-ending money with a complete fully-operational health web business of your very own, right?

It's made me rich - and now I'm going to share all of my Internet-Success with you!

Here are even more of the Products and their webpages contained in your new health website! ...

A complete Online Health Store just inside:


A complete Health & Beauty Store:

Your Health & Beauty Store contains several very lengthy webpages containing the very BEST of 1. General Health,
Weight Loss, 3. Women's Health 4. Men's Health, 5. Colon Health, and 6. Skin care!

Click on any long screenshot to enlarge in a new window…


Skin Care Weight Loss Women's Health Men's Health Colon Health

You get every single one of these massive fast-selling webpages included in your very own powerful Health Biz in a Box!

You even get a complete "Top Secret Health Information Library" with the best-selling online books! ... (Just click the image immediately below to enlarge into a new window!)

YOUR health website can even create an additional income stream for you
when it gets other people to sell health products online too! YOU make an extra $100 each and every time. Imagine making $100 repeatedly?

This makes sense because even if you got 100,000's others to get their own health e-biz too, it wouldn't put even a slight dent in YOUR online business!

Why? … Simple: Because there are some 200 million people DAILY searching for health-related products on the Web!

Your health e-biz becomes such a multi-moneymaker you can't possibly lose!

We set it all for you and you even get FREE HOSTING UNLIMITED!

That's right! -- You DON'T pay for your hosting as we take care of this for you! You simply secure your very own "Health Biz in a Box" and we take care of everything for you.

You get FREE Hosting, plus FREE set up!

And we use only the absolute very BEST and MOST POWERFUL servers anywhere in the industry!

This way you never have to worry about power failures, your site ever going down - as we have everything completely covered for you!

You also get free "Tech Support" as our Team answers your customers' questions and concerns for you!

Our tech support team takes contacts for you, and so that YOU at least never have to deal or talk to any of your site's visitors or your customers!

We allow you complete privacy so that you are free to enjoy your riches.

Your customers need answers fast
- and with our 24hr on-call support, we help you close sales even faster! This of course is provided absolutely free when you secure your very own Health Biz in a Box now!

How easy is to make money with your new Health Biz Online? ...

Once you're set up just minutes from now, you can begin promoting your new Health Business through a variety of ways.

One of the BEST ways to get instant traffic and sales is through Google AdWords advertising.

Once set up you can start sending people to your site using PPCs if you wish! Here are four (4) of our BEST traffic-pulling PPC ads ever! ...

*You can even get the Keywords to use that we've tested just by clicking here!

Or, you can submit Articles to sites that will place your article in their webspace to be indexed, and which may remain there for many, many years to come - all the while bringing you endless traffic and sales!

You can even use Article Marketer to blast out an Article submission to over *5,000* Article websites for YOU!

 Here's their complete list! ...

Lee Dobbins opened an account and now has over 1.8 million links at Yahoo! and close to 300,000 at Google!!

Why is this important? ...

Dr Ken Evoy shouts "Content is King!" ... and he's NOT kidding!

By having 1,000's of your articles out there, you get tons & tons of "Endless Traffic" Free, and as articles tend to just remain on the Web -- and they get "indexed" more and more over time by search engines!

All these articles will contain Your Link, which means your *Health Biz* will NEVER stop getting Free Traffic!!

You can get all the Articles you need Free from us at:

    1 -

    2 -

    3 -

    4 - 


But wait, you get even more ...

Get FREE Marketing Tips, Lessons, and Secrets for Promoting Your New Health Biz in a Box!

Don't worry as once you secure your very own online Health Products Business from us, we start the Lessons rolling to your email daily and weekly!

That's right! We don't just set your up your health products site and walk off, we actually show you multiple lessons enabling you in a number of ways to make money with your NEW health biz!

These Lessons come at no extra charge, and are yours to use as you see fit.

You'll get the following and then some:

  • How to start getting customers in just 10 min!
  • How to get over $1 million in FREE advertising!
  • How to successfully use article marketing!
  • How to cultivate and build your database!
  • How to do banner exchanges!
  • How to successfully do email marketing!
  • How to get $1 million's in FREE Press Releases!
  • How to use Forums to get free traffic forever!
  • How to get others to advertise for you FREE!
  • How to get search engines to run your ads forever!

… And so much more!

We make it a cinch with this exciting opportunity! So please get started NOW!

Now click the screen-shot below to see your site! …

So now is the time to take action and grab your very own super-profitable "Health Biz in a Box" right away! …

Now is the moment that you MUST decide to take action and then complete your order for your very own Health Biz in a Box!

You've already just seen above all the amazing things it has, and what all it can do for you.

Therefore, whatever you do, please DON'T waste another moment longer as time's running out - You see, once I get a select number of Members, I may decide to close this opportunity further.

My Company is designed to handle a certain (but very large) number of sales and volume. But even as large and powerful as we are, we keep a ceiling on Memberships.

If you were to hire a professional copywriter, graphic artist and web designer to custom create a website for like the same one you're being offered here, your investment could easily be between $3,000 to $5,000 or more.

At the very minimum, I estimate it would cost you $1,497 when you consider everything which is included.

When you are one of the first 17 people who reserve health biz in a box today or within the next 5 days, it can be yours for just $47

              Just click the big red button to order now! …


Last Word & Final Warning! ...

I know you must recognize what a truly great opportunity this is! You can have a full-functional website with multiple income streams, as well as automatic machinery in place to close and drive sales & traffic for you!

HURRY! This special offer is for the first 17 people only. Once 17 have been sold, I reserve the right to change the offer and increase the price to it's full value or issue a 100% refund immediately.

That's the MOST my Team can handle immediately, so that's why I'm putting an upper limit.

You do understand, right?

So DON'T dilly-dally around - grab your site NOW!

Most Sincerely,

Dr Suzanne Gudakunst,
Creator of...

** If you were to hire a professional copywriter, graphic artist and web designer, your investment could easily be between $3,000 to $5,000 or more. So, the $1,497 value is realistic.



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